I woke up at Jazmin/Chris’s house, I didn’t want to get up 😔. Jazmin went off to work and Chris cooked me the most wonderful breakfast: Bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes. Absolutely delicious 😋

He dropped me back in Kings Lynn where it was cold, windy and overcast 🌥. I walked through the dock on a path and carried on following it round until I saw a sign that said, “don’t enter shooting range unless you are a member” I didn’t want to get shot!!!

I saw on the map that there was a road type thing a bit ahead so I went looking. I was walking on private land. I met a few farmers who were happy enough with what I was doing and let me pass. One wasn’t so happy. I was asked to leave 😔. I did, and promptly. This sent me on not so nice LONG detour. Oh, and it started to rain as well ☔

I went through Cattle Rising, a very quaint village, where I met George and Glenda Fleetwood. They looked about 50 but were in fact 80, the eyes can be deceiving. Absolutely great people, they told me a bit about the area and I told them about my walk, it was a very nice meeting.

Prior to this I had a little cry to myself about the pain my body was in, the detour and the weather. I had a little pity party 😢 then dusted myself down and kept trudging ☺

The detour was mostly along main roads. I needed to cross the river and this was the only place. NOTE : IT WAS RAINING ALL DAY

I then tried to meet my Brother and his family at Dersingham for a bite to eat. Long story short we didn’t get one. Everywhere was either shutting, or open and full. Well we tried. It was nice seeing them briefly. I love my family ♥

They left me in a pub with a pint. I had a great chat with Chris, a retired farmer/grounds keeper of the area. Had a great time ☺

I then got picked up by Mel and Claire, what absolute legends 😀 They phoned ahead to get a bath run for me. Someone took my bag in, someone took the other stuff and I was straight in the bath with a cuppa. So amazing!!! (I broke their plug, but then I fixed it 😀)

Clean & dry and we’re off to their parents. All of us, great family outing. The Cainey’s are amazing, they had tea ready for me. Pie and veg, yum yum 😋 so tasty!!!

We ended up chatting all night, great people!!!