My Long Walk Around Britain

Sponsoring My Long Walk For HNPP

An expedition of this proportion takes a lot of planning and money. Costs include accommodation, equipment and food. Over the year this cost could easily rise to £12,000 even living on a shoestring and rough camping when weather permits. Any contribution to the funding of my long walk to raise awareness of HNPP would be much appreciated.

If you were willing to set up a standing order for £10/20/30 per month it would be a huge help. Or you could make a one-time donation.

I have set up a new bank account solely for this expedition, please make your donation payable to:

Sort code: 09-01-29
Account Number: 40636438

Alternatively you can use PayPal where you can pay in any currency:

If donations exceed what I need for the expedition; the remaining funds will go towards Dr Li’s research into HNPP.

I really appreciate your help and support. Thank you!

Funding research into HNPP

At Wayne State University, Dr Jun Li and his team are doing research into HNPP and looking at ways of reducing its impact on people’s lives. They are trying to figure out what causes it, how they can stop it happening, how they can treat symptoms, and how they might cure it.

If you want donations to go specifically to Dr Li’s research, use the same bank details as for sponsoring the expedition, add a note and specify RESEARCH

Sort code: 09-01-29
Account Number: 40636438

Thank you for getting behind me on this. Tesco says it best, every little helps!