Leaving beautiful Perranporth

It was a very interesting day very cold🥶 and windy 🌪️with intermittent heavy rain 🌧️😅 a new beast entirely,

One of many flooded bridges

The low tide in Newquay wasn’t low enough for me to cross the bridge 🙈. The bridge 🌉 I needed was underwater so I took a VERY LONG  detour (no near drowning today …) thankfully I didn’t come across any quick sand 😅

It was so wet and windy. I met loads of people though…..

Very long detour

Today’s audible slot was a few hours of the Edinburgh fringe. I found myself laughing out loud whilst random people were next to me. I must have looked crazy 😂

A decent distance today even though it doesn’t look too far on a map 🗺️

You can see what a long detour I had to make… added miles to an already long day.

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