It’s been a very tiring day full of amazing things.

Almost got trampled by some horses 🐴. They made me jump out of the field over the barbed wire fence. All went well😊

I met many amazing people. There was a couple who didn’t do technology, a skateboarder dude, a walking man with some great tips on walking, a couple who gave me some water, a very nice Irish HGV driver, the amazing people at We’ll Meet Again Museum (big up Paul & Linda and Co. They gave me water, food!!!! and amazing company) and last but not least the Thompsons. They have really made me feel like one of the family, I’ve had a lovely meal, my clothes washed and a nice hot bath. Can’t wait for sleep.

They’re the highlights of today😀

I forgot to mention that I’m speaking on Radio Lincoln on 13th August between 8 and 9 in the morning!