I woke up at 7.30 after having passed out the night before. I forgot to say goodnight, I went upstairs and passed out from exhaustion 😓.

The Horton’s gave me a great breakfast… cheerios, shredded wheat and toast. They washed my clothes and gave me a pack up.

Ian dropped me back in Happisburgh where I met up with Steve again. He had to get back home, so we said our farewells and I set off on my walk.

I came across a young runner, who I said good morning to. She stopped and was like, “what are you doing?” I told her what I was doing and why, and gave her a card. She ended up putting something up on Instagram about what I was doing.

As I was walking I kept seeing these signs for a place called Eco Burrito 🌯. I saw some flags for the place, and was hungry so I went to go check it out. It was an amazing set up, there was music, a circus tent and a cool shack, it was amazing! After telling them what I was doing they gave me a free Burrito and cup of tea. What legends!!!!!

I continued over more sand dunes and came a cross the largest camp site ever. The people there called it a hippy encampment. Met loads of amazing people there. They were really interested in what I was doing. I was given a multi-coloured crayon, two ciders, a charge of my phone, some donations and great conversation.

I met a few more walkers including two guys in camo, then sat next to sand dunes. In the distance I saw two lads chasing an inflatable rubber dingy down the beach for ages. They finally caught up with it after it went into the sea.

I made my way to a campsite in California at the end of the day because was no where to wild camp, they let me stay for free. There  I met a guy called Paul who gave me some extra pegs and we had a pint at the pub together. He was a top guy, he has been a HGV driver for over 30 years.

Great day!!!!!!



  • Robyn Johnstone says:

    Hey Barney! It is pretty fantastic all the connections you are making every day! I guess you are experiencing some of the best of humanity on this walk. Still praying for on-going protection from the elements (can’t avoid the rain but, you know, extreme conditions) and dodgy characters. Praying too for discernment about the latter. Why did you pass out? Have you done too much? Do you need a day’s break somewhere, without having to move on every day? It’s the passing out that has me concerned.
    Father, please lead Barney everyday as to what he can and ought not do. Thank you for the many people you have brought along his path to encourage him, care for him and love him. Inspire your children to listen to you as they encounter Barney, to be a blessing to him, and to be blessed in return. Thank you that your family is so big! Safeguard Barney when he is too tired to think about what to do or where to go. Thank you good Father!!

    Bless you Barney!!

  • Lynne Lee says:

    Think it was heat exhaustion… trying to do much… prayers much appreicated

  • Great to meet you Barney . I’m following your progress on facebook & thinking about people around the country I know who could put you up ! Hoping to come & walk with you before you get too far away from Kent but just need to see how work goes. Look after yourself now. The zip wire in Wales was fabulous. Fiona Spirals x