There’s so much going on at the moment; it’s only 6 days until I actually leave!!!!!

So what’s been going on ?

I had a phone interview with Radio Derby the other day, some of it was used in news bulletins over the weekend.

That interview led to a further phone interview with another producer. This resulted in me getting a live interview slot on Sunday the 11th of August at abut 08:40. I’m really looking forward to it.

The messages of love and support over the past few day have been immense. They have really spurred me on in my planning. Thank you for those who have started to sponsor me and set up standing orders, this has been really helpful and is much appreciated as the equipment and funding of this journey comes to quite a lot.

In other news I think I’ve got all my equipment now (fingers crossed)

Please share what I’m doing with your friends and family and keep on cheering me on because it helps.

This video gives you a short tour of my home for the next 15 months or so as I walk around the coast of mainland Great Britain raising awareness of HNPP