Feeling ill. Temperature, headache, very sore throat, cough, lethargic. The people I’m staying with in Hastings have been very understanding and offered to let me stay as long as I need. No walking yesterday, and no walking today đź’¤

People are so kind, someone else in Hastings said, “Are you still in Hastings? If you’re stuck and unable to stay anywhere, you’re more than welcome to crash at mine.” And my next host in Eastbourne offered to let me stay as long as I need.

When I finally make it to Brighton, my host there who also suffers with HNPP has arranged an interview with the Argus, Brighton’s local newspaper.  It helps to know that I’m achieving my aim of creating awareness and raising money for research into a cure for HNPP.

A VERY BIG thank you to all of the wonderful people who are supporting me in so many different ways. It means a lot.

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A little more insight into the last 2 days