Hi everyone, my name is Barney Lee, I’m 19 and live in Derby in the middle of the UK. I am aiming to be the youngest person to walk the coastline of mainland Great Britain in its entirety (a distance of around 4,500 miles). The same distance as walking from the UK to India.

The question people keep asking me is why do it? Why take a year to walk?  I’m raising awareness and money for HNPP (Hereditary Neuropathy  with liability to Pressure Palsies), a debilitating condition that up to 1/2500 are faced with.

I love travelling , being outdoors and being active. These are all things my body seems to dislike (what a bummer right?!)

My aim is to show people that even though you have struggles and set backs in life you can still achieve and strive to achieve things bigger than yourself.

You can find new ways and methods of overcoming the challenges you face. You can still go and make your life what you want. This giant undertaking symbolizes the silent, lonely struggle that people with HNPP  face everyday.
I hope that my story will give people hope and aspiration to achieve greater things. I will be posting on this blog every day (as long as signal permits). Please follow my blog, share with friends and check out my Facebook and Instagram Pages .

If any of you live on the coast or know anyone who does; it would be amazing if you or your friends could put me up for a night (Email me, message me on Facebook or Instagram). Honestly all I need is a toilet and something with a roof over my head (even a shed).

A project of this undertaking requires a large amount of money to fund it , anything you can give would be much appreciated (links can be found on the donation page).

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